Prayer Requests

How can we pray for you?

This is a community and we believe our collective prayers can change things.

Please let us know how we can pray for you today by dropping your request in the form below.

Even if you don't have any specific "problems" but could use the support in knowing that you're being prayed for, we are honored to pray for you, sister.

In addition, if any requests below jump out to you, please click "Pray" to let a sister know you're praying for her too.


Your name & email are private always and will never be posted to this site

if you want your prayer to be private and not posted either just make the correct selection and we will pray for you privately


Prayer Requests


  • hd62fu
  • My marriage needs strengthened in Jesus mighty name. Please pray for me that my husband and I grow closer in Christ Jesus.
  • Please pray for me to be delivered from demonic dreams and attacks at night. I know I need to fast so I pray for the help in fasting the way I know God is leading me to do.
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