About the ministry.

That Girl Can Pray is a Holy Spirit-fueled ministry for Bible-believing women.

We're here to inspire everyday women like you towards deepening your personal relationship with Christ.

We especially have a heart for women who are walking the broken path out of darkness, because we've got a past too.

We are here for women on the broken road, walking messy paths, but determined to find their way out of it and into the arms of our loving Father who sent is Son that we might be redeemed through faith.

This ministry is for real women!  Moms, sisters, girls just like you.

We pray, sis! And we hope you'll be moved to pray with us too.

Our vision is bold.

We want every woman in the world to have an active and daily prayer life, which includes getting into her Bible and reading it every single day.

Prayer connects us to our Heavenly Father; we can reach Yeshua our Messiah (Jesus Christ) and we can really begin to form true relationship to Christ.

We want every woman to know how to pray effectively, using scripture to back it up.  Because this way of praying changes things, but truthfully--all prayer changes things. We want you to experience that life-giving change.

We want every woman to give up the idea of her past as a chain that binds her; instead finding true freedom in the grace of Christ and our Eternal Father GOD who loves us.

Our mission is simple

In short, we're here to complete 7 things:

  1. To spread the good news of the gospel truth of Jesus Christ
  2. To provide biblical encouragement to women
  3. To pray in the Spirit to help strengthen your prayer life
  4. To teach you how to overcome darkness with Christ Jesus' glorious Light.
  5. To inspire you to get into your Bible every day
  6. To grow a safe and intimate sisterhood in Christ

About the Founder.

Hey girl! My name is Jemese LaChel

I'm the founder of this little online prayer ministry for women. I'm a mom to 2 amazing children, and married to an amazing husband.

I'm also a board-licensed clinical therapist specialized in trauma and women's issues; but now I mostly work online in the ministry of inner healing & deliverance.

If you’d told me even a few years ago that I would be facilitating  an women's ministry, I'd have laughed!

Truth is, it’s probably always been God laughing with me as I’ve gone this way and that way... bumbling through life trying to do it my way versus His.

Despite getting baptized by water when I was 12, my path towards God's heart was messy. My story isn’t a pretty one, because by outward appearances I’ve may have always had it together... but meanwhile I was battling:

  • Alcoholism
  • Depression
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Series after series of bad boyfriends & friendships

I even dabbled in new age/occult practices for many years before God scooped me up out of that wickedness and turned me around completely #PraiseGod

I want you to know that I'm passionate for this work, and helping women because I've been in a lot of dark places and overcome them ALL by the grace of God.

I have a gift to be able to help women overcome demonic attacks (most women don't even realize they are being afflicted, sis.). I'm here to help women get out of the New Age deception, and anything else that would sway you off your faith walk.

But most of all, I'm here to spread the news about Christ's goodness, all He's done for us and help women just like you turn your pain into your power and testimony.

For more in depth info on my therapy/coaching practice, visit jemeselachel.com.

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